Virtual Visits - Explore like never before.

Virtual Visits - the next best thing to being there in person

Lockdown’s gradually easing, but it looks like restrictions will be around for some time yet. Which is bad news for Britain’s cultural attractions and historic places of interest – as well as for the people who like to visit them.

Spending leisure time exploring a heritage site, whether it’s a famous landmark or a littleknown cultural gem, is good for the soul. It gives us a sense of belonging, helps us learn about our heritage and history – warts and all – and even has benefits for our mental wellbeing. So how can you visit these places now, in safety and comfort?

Enter Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits uses the latest 360-degree video technology to let you explore an historic building or landmark, using your tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac, or virtual reality headset. Visits feature narration from an official guide*, visual callouts giving you extra information, and sensible routes that help tell the story of the place you’re visiting.

You can move around a location in your own time and at your own pace. You can follow the route, pause to take in the view or jump forward to a room or object of particular interest to you. It’s easy! Visit somewhere now – it’s totally free and you don’t have to register or download anything.

*Some outdoor visits are free of narration and just let you enjoy natural sounds.

Benefits of Virtual Visits

Free ‘entry’ to selected UK landmarks, galleries and museums

360° video gives you a real feel of a place

No booking or registration required

Explore at your own pace, any time and from anywhere

Help reduce congestion and erosion at ancient sites

No travelling means less pollution

No worries about social distancing, face coverings etc

See special exhibits and attractions without waiting in line or craning your neck

No steps, uneven ground or other accessibility issues

WC always close at hand!

Spread the word

We all know someone who’d love to get out there and visit a famous UK landmark. With Virtual Visits they can – but without the getting out there part! So please help spread the word. We’d be delighted to see our project take off, as would Innovate UK!

Are you a heritage site?

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